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ALTI Deposit wear-resisting plate

Product details:

Under fully automated production equipment and strict quality assurance system, our products have following superior performance:

☆Extremely flat surface of chromium carbide.
☆Excellent abrasion resistance.
☆Excellent machining performance.
☆Uniform hardness distribution of hard layer
☆Good impact performance.

☆Excellent cost performance.

Welding surfaced wear-resisting plate, is a kind of new type of composite wear-resisting plate. In the industrial developed countries, they began to popularize it from the 1960s. Along the demand of our country science and technology progress and the market economy development, the special performance and the practical economic value of welding surfaced wear-resisting composite plate, has been understood and used gradually by some administrators with advanced consciousness which are from large industrial and mining enterprises, and has created considerable economic benefit to their enterprises.

Common thickness: 5+3, 6+4, 6+6, 8+6, 8+8, 10+6, 10+10, 12.5+12.5, 14+8, 20+10

Following is its comprehensive performance:

1.Extraordinary wear resistance performance: wear test shows that the wear resistance ability of chromium carbide surfaced composite plate is 10-30 times higher than the ordinary steel plate, 5 times higher than the cast stainless steel and high manganese steel, and 1 times higher than the high chromium casing iron, and it is close to ceramic. HRC 63 or less.

2.High impact resistance performance: Due to the base material is Q235A low carbon steel, and the surface is chromium carbide with multi-element of wear-resisting composite super-hard material. It performs fully that the composite material has both the advantages of extraordinary wear resistance and impact tenacity. The casting wear-resisting material is inferior to it. (the traditional castings have poor impact resistance and are brittle and broken easily)

3.Machining processing performance: The maintenance technician can cut the material freely according to the size of the site (plasma cutting), it is very convenient to weld the wear-resisting plate on the surface of quick-wearing parts (carbon steel), or it can be processed into sink holes and connected to the components with bolts. Also it can be cold bent to the parts. Such as: wear-resisting pipe, dust-extraction elbow, all kinds of special-shape components. (Casting wear-resistant plates cannot be assembled by welding, and it is difficult to casting large areas of wear-resistant plates. In addition, traditional castings are very heavy because they are designed with reinforcing bars to prevent deformation.)

4.High performance with low cost: Although the cost of wear-resistant surfacing composite plate is 3-5 times higher than ordinary steel plate and 25% cheaper than high chromium stainless steel castings, but considers the service life of parts, reduced the loss of manpower and money such as cost of maintenance, shut down time, etc.. Its performance brings to double gain for production through rational utilization of this material.