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Cladding Wear-resistant Surfacing Straight Pipes

Product details:

A、Good comprehensive performance

Good overall performance: Low carbon steel pipe is used as the base material for the high-wear-resisting composite pipe, and the wear-resisting layer is the alloy material with high chromium content. Through automatic surfacing welding, the base material and the alloy layer are metallurgy bonded. It not only gives the performance of the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of high chromium alloy, but also retains the mechanical properties of carbon steel pipe. In addition, the elbow can be thickened the wear-resistant layer on the side facing the water flow to ensure that the wear-resistant layer can be fully utilized.

High wear resistance performance: The wear-resistant layer is high chromium alloy, and the macro-hardness can reach HRC55 or above (generally HRC55 to HRC62). The micro-structure contains a large amount of M7C3 hard carbides, and the micro-hardness is HV1500-1800, so it shows excellent wear resistance ability.

Weld ability: Due to the inevitable production process of cutting and welding which is in ship installation, it will not affect the pipe body and wear-resisting layer structure if we adapt bi-metal wear-resisting alloy pipe.

High precision of flange surface: All flange surfaces of wear-resisting pipe are machined, and the roughness of flange surface is Ra3.2, so it ensures accurate installation and butt joint of pipes.

Low cost and high performance: Straight pipe: 20+12.5, total thickness is 32.5mm; Elbow: 25+12.5 mm, total thickness is 37.5mm; Tee: 35+12.5, total thickness is 47.5mm. It has the advantages of low total outfitting weight, high mechanical property and excellent comprehensive cost performance.

BWelding forming and machining

When the hardness of the surfacing layer is greater than 55HRC, it is difficult to avoid cracks. Normal cracks are the result of stress release after welding and would not affect the wear resistance performance.

Alti Wear Resistance designed special equipment independently for machining flange surface of dredging wear-resisting pipes. it can process various types of pipes, such as straight pipe, elbow, tee, four-way pipe, etc., and reach high precision and well shape through processing.